Neem Tree - anti-acne cream and powder; seed oil, anti-scurf and sinusitis, leaves for conjunctivitis, etc.

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    We are a small business, located in the province of Pontevedra (Galicia - Spain), who, after having developed dealings with Indian providers during almost a decade, importing different goods toward Spain, and toward other countries too; finally, as we observed the good acceptance that herbal products are getting currently, on both,  reliability of manufacturers making this kind of natural remedies in India, and their efficacy, shown during more than 4.000 years of their use in the traditional medicine, so we have decided to carry out their commercialization through our own retail business, under the mark "Productos de Neem".

    During many centuries, products derived from neem tree were used as natural remedies to treat a large amount of diseases in the Indian Sub-Continent. However, it has not been until the present time, when universities of India and EE.UU. have performed exhaustive researches, analyzing and verifying the validity of each one of the components of Azadirachta indica. So, it has been proved that its bark, roots, fruits, flowers, leaves and seeds are highly beneficial for the production of cosmetic and medical treatments, but for their use in agriculture too.

    We decided to begin with the distribution of cosmetic and medical products. Although we will also include other byproducts in the future, used in ecological agriculture and gardening.

    At first, our supply is limited to a reduced number of items, though directly imported in bulk from our Indian supplier; who always include official invoice, as well as certificates of origin and phytochemical, properly sealed by the Indian authorities. Which allow us to have a complete control on the quality of products, as well as getting rid of intermediaries, to be able to offer a reasonable sale price.

O Tombo, 9 - San Salvador de Meis
Pontevedra - España
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