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Please, read the following guidelines
before proceeding to purchase.

Neem oil that we sell, is 100% pure
(like olive oil), obtained by cold pressing, which guarantees the same biological characteristics it had when he was in the fruit, for which it does not include any other natural or chemical components. For this reason, it can be used both organic farming, medicinal or cosmetic treatments. In addition, we import it directly from the India, and sell it quickly, so you will be able to use it during two years, or more, if it is stored in a cool place.

Notice: For fungal plant disease (downy mildew, powdery mildew...) do not forget to add bicarbonate <more info>.
Against insects, it is not necessary.

The market sells prepared neem oil especially for agricultural use, adding other chemicals. However, you must not use these oils for medicinal purposes.


Keep in mind that the ideal combination in any treatment based on neem, is the external use of neem oil (especially in dermatological problems), supplemented with tea or neem capsules. Tea and capsules have the same ingredient: leaf powder from the neem tree dried and crushed, so the consumption of both produces similar benefits. Although many people prefer the capsules because of the extremely bitter taste of tea. This way, the problem will be faced simultaneously: externally with oil, and internally with tea or capsules.

The capsules can be taken once or twice a day, after meals; and tea at breakfast or also after meals. The effect of both is the purification or cleaning of blood and the strengthening of the immune system, protecting against all kinds of diseases (including influenza), as well as help digestion, to control the excesses of heartburn.

The neem oil, with its antibacterial effect will help directly to eliminate any infection that is on the skin (acne, psoriasis, herpes...), and also to promote wound healing and skin becomes smooth and soft. Besides, it will be very effective against all types of headaches, joint and muscle (lumbago, sciatica, arthrosis...), massaging the painful area with oil. In addition, as the skin absorbs it immediately, it does not leave traces of fat.

Neem oil is used as a key ingredient in many creams, shampoos and oils for massage, <CLIC HERE> to learn how you can prepare them at home, and thus not having to buy these items separately.


Yield: 1 liter of neem oil serves to prepare about 17-18 backpacks of fumigation of 15 liters each.

As for fumigation, the proportion is 3 to 5 ml. of pure neem oil per liter of water. Being pure, you must add an emulsifier to facilitate its solution with water, since it's an oil. It is recommended to use an ecological emulsifier (or wetting), such as potassium soap, but you could also use any liquid soap (the one used for washing dishes), in the proportion of 3 or 5 ml. liquid soap per liter of water. You must mix well with water, and then add pure neem, and again mix strongly.

If you wish, in our online shop, you can buy potassium soap, as an emulsifier, which apart from being 100% natural, it has insecticide effects, used both in the mix with neem, and independently.

To increase the efficiency of neem oil against fungal diseases, it is very important to add <bicarbonate> to the mixture, in the proportion of 3 grams of baking soda per liter of water.

There is neem oil that is sold in the market already mixed with the emulsifier. But in those cases the amount of neem is smaller, so its effect is much lower (almost half) and the proportion of the mixture with water should be increased: between 6 and 8 ml. per liter.

<CLIC HERE> for a complete information about treatments and experiences in agriculture.

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