MEDICINAL USES                                                                 AGRICULTURAL APPLICATIONS

    The pure neem oil can be used externally, directly on the skin, without making any mixtures or ointments, since it does not have any type of contraindication, it is the same as if you used virgin olive oil, but with the advantage that it does not leave fatty residues on your skin, since it is absorbed almost immediately. Anyway, I recommend to try first with small quantities to verify that there is not any kind of allergy.

    The only small inconvenient is that, if you extend it near the eyes, it can cause some itching on them, but nothing important. Besides, its strong smell can be unpleasant at first, while not used to it. Although such smell can be masked by adding some drops of essential oil. On the other hand, its high antimicrobial power, allows its use, in a minimum amount, mixed with the creams or gels you want, provided that it does not possess chemical ingredients which can decrease its medicinal properties. Moreover, if you want to use it in babies, it may be more suitable to mix it in small quantity with any baby cream.

    We put at your disposal total purity Aloe Vera Gel, so that you can carry out the mixture, or to use it independently. Aloe vera is the best complement of neem oil, since its bactericide and antimicrobial power is added to the skin healing and regenerative power of aloe.

    Currently, there are more than 250 several recognized varieties of aloe. The most useful of these, rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, is Miller's Aloe Barbadensis. This is the variety that we put at your disposal through our online store. Anyway, if you already have other natural creams, you can use them with similar results, and thus save some money.

    In any case, the most suitable in any treatment, is to combine the external use of the neem oil, with the domestic consumption of capsules or neem tea. This way, the problem will be fought from both the outside, and inside, strengthening the immune system and attacking harmful bacteria. Even though you do not suffer from any disease, regular consumption of capsules will protect against all kinds of bacterial or viral diseases, and its efficacy may be verified in that practically you will not get flus or colds. Besides, in case of illness, the duration and severity of viral processes will be much less.

Below we explain how you can mix pure neem oil with different products.

icon.bmp Cream / Gel / Neem Lotion

    Creams that are sold in the market under the name of neem cream, have a very small percentage (5% maximum) of neem oil, the rest is excipient. That small percentage is enough, in most cases, to obtain the expected beneficial results. Therefore if you have pure neem oil, you will be able to elaborate the neem cream in a very simple way. Simply, add a splash of oil to your cream, gel or favorite body milk. In the case of a liquid or semi-liquid (such as an aqueous gel), shake well and you will already have the neem cream prepared. In the case of a more solid cream, the mixture cannot be done. In this case, over the portion of cream that has been caught with fingers, pour a few drops of neem, mix and spread it over the part of your body you want. For these cases, it is advisable to have a dropper to hand, which will be filled with neem oil.

    The cream (or pure oil used directly) may be applied a couple of times a day, in the morning and at bedtime, after washing the skin with neem soap or any natural soap. Due to its high power as a fungicide, its use will very useful to prevent (or eliminate) the fungi of the feet or hands when working in wet environments (fields, pools or factories). For example, it is highly recommended to spread the pure oil on the hands in the morning, before going to work in these environments, and also in the evening, before going to bed, so as to avoid unpleasant fungal infections that sometimes occur on the sides of the nail.

    Neem oil is also very effective against all kinds of joint and muscle pains (lumbago, sciatica, arthritis, arthrosis...), including injuries suffered by athletes (inflammation of the knee, ankle sprains, muscle pulls...). In these cases, the oil will be used pure, massaging the painful area until causing a warming. Apply it a couple of times a day, in the morning and at bedtime, while the pain remains, or at least for fifteen or twenty days in chronic pain.

    If you want to elaborate a lotion or body oil, make the mixture at the recommended rate (3 - 5%). In the case that the smell seems too strong, add to the mix a few drops of essential oil (e.g. of lavender or sandalwood).

   Neem oil can be mixed directly in other oils, for example olive or almond oil. The amounts are the same, 3 - 5 ml of neem oil per 100 ml of base oil. For use of oil for hair: massage your scalp with such lotion and let stand for an hour or overnight. For skin problems: apply directly to the skin two or three times a day. This lotion or cream is also very effective as repellent of head lice and mosquitoes, so you should always have it to hand in your trips.

    If you want to use it as a contraceptive, almost 100% effective, its effect is spermicide, killing the sperms, and remaining active for 5 hours. You can apply it directly or you can mix it to make a lubricant cream. In the first case, you must soak a cotton ball in neem oil, and insert it into the vagina for 15 minutes before having sexual relations. As lubricant cream, it can be mixed with pure aloe vera or with a lubricant as natural as possible, in the proportion of 10% of oil and 90% of aloe vera or lubricant.

icon.bmp Neem Shampoo / Bath Gel

    The procedure will be the same, mix in an approximate ratio of 3 - 5% with the shampoo or gel that you use regularly, shake well and you will already have shampoo or neem gel. It is an excellent remedy against dandruff and itching in the scalp. But it will also help in the prevention of hair loss and premature appearance of white hairs, when these disorders are caused by imbalances of skin and health problems.

    Neem oil has been shown effective in strengthening and growth of the hair as well as in making it more smooth, silky and bright. Anyway, miracles should not be expected since it will not prevent from the natural aging process.

    This shampoo will also be a very effective remedy against all kinds of parasites, both animals and humans (e.g. lice), due to its insecticide properties. So its common use as shampoo for washing your pet will also be very convenient.

    For an intensive treatment, make a massage with pure neem oil on your hair and scalp, let it stand for at least 30 minutes, and wash your hair with neem shampoo, the results will be amazing.

MEDICINAL USES                                                                 AGRICULTURAL APPLICATIONS