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     Major causes of a heart attack include blood clots, high cholesterol, arrhythmic heart action and high blood pressure. Neem has been helpful in these conditions too. Its leaf extracts have reduced clotting, lowered blood pressure and bad cholesterol, slowed rapid or abnormally high heartbeat and inhibited irregular heart rhythms. Some compounds may produce effects similar to mild sedatives, which reduce anxiety and other emotional or physical states that may prompt a heart attack. The antihistamine effects of the nimbidin in its leaves cause blood vessels to dilate. This may be why the leaves help reduce blood pressure.

     A recent study proved that, when a patient took either neem leaf extract or neem capsules for a month, her high cholesterol levels fell subsequently. In another study (Chattopadhyay, et al, 1992), alcoholic extract of neem leaves reduced serum cholesterol by approximately 30 percent two hours after its administration. The cholesterol level stayed low for an additional four hours until testing ceased.

     Another study (Koley and Lal, 1994) showed that an intravenous alcoholic extract of the leaf produced a large, immediate decrease in blood pressure, lasting for several hours. A neem leaf extract, sodium nimbidinate, given to those with congestive cardiac failure, was successful as a diuretic. Regarding arrhythmic heart action, neem leaf extract exhibited antiarrhythmic activity, which returned to normal within eight minutes of administration.

     Since neem is a safe herb when used in low doses, drinking neem tea for a month to stabilize cholesterol levels may be recommended.

     For those that would only need small reductions or for after eating an exceptionally fatty meals neem tea as an after meal drink may be an alternative.

Source: © Neem Foundation, Mumbai, India. Heart Disease

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