Neem oil is an insecticide of natural origin that can be used both in humans and in animals.

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    NEEM oil is an insecticide of natural origin that can be used both in humans and in animals. It is especially useful for the care and protection of the dogs, but also for birds and all kinds of pets. If you use mixed with shampoo dog wash, it eliminates fleas, ticks, bed bugs and mites in the skin and fur. In addition, as it is an excellent repellent, also protect after washing against these insects, bringing moisture to coat.

    Its use is very simple, just add 5% pure Neem oil to the usual shampoo of the pet wash, and mix well (e.g. 10 ml to 200 ml of shampoo neem oil), or shampoo to wash the hair of the family. In humans, will be an excellent remedy against dandruff and itching in the scalp. But it will also help in the prevention of hair loss and that this does not get gray prematurely, at the same time that will protect against all kinds of parasites such as lice.

    Neem oil is used as a basic ingredient in many creams, shampoos and oils for massage, <CLIC HERE> to know how can prepare home-made, and thus not having to buy these items separately.

• Spray with neem oil

    In many cases, washing the dog does not carry out more than one or twice a month, so it is likely that the protective effect of neem oil is reduced, or even disappeared. To solve this problem, a spray can be made to use on a regular basis.

    Its preparation is very simple (water + 3% liquid soap + neem oil 5%), take a small boat from sprayer, it is filled with water warm up to the 3/4 parts of it (to be able to shake well), 3% of liquid soap, for example the dishwasher check (for 100 ml of liquid, add around 3 ml of soap), although a natural soap would be the best one, as potassium soap, and mix well with water (soap is necessary for neem oil to dissolve in water).

    To this mixture of water and liquid soap, now add a 5% pure neem oil and again mix well. The sprayer is ready to spray your pet 2-3 times per week. It is advisable to also spray the place where sleeps the dog, for added protection.

    This spray will be very useful, also, to apply it to birds, given the ease with which these are affected by all kinds of insects and pests. You can spray on the chicken, to protect the hens, or about the same birds, where they are already affected, as well as in the cage of parakeets or parrots, Canaries, finches, etc.

• Internal protection of pet

    In the case of dogs, they sometimes eat grass. Specialists say that this behaviour is that it feels good stomach and eating forage makes them regurgitate and be better. However, many veterinarians recommend trying to avoid this behavior, at least in the public gardens, since these grasses tend to be sprayed with herbicides or other chemicals, so the dog could poison and suffer serious health disorders.

    To prevent these problems neem leaves are used, which are not only good to strengthen health and human digestion, but also that of our pets are used. We take the leaves in tea form or in capsules (both have the same ingredient: powder of leaves of the neem tree), while the dog can eat leaves powder mixed directly with your meal.

    The internal use of neem leaves helps against intestinal parasites. In general, it is beneficial to the intestine, stimulates the function of the liver and strengthens the immune system. This will also help our dog to cope with this type of disorder.

    Neem leaf powder is bitter. To facilitate that the dog eats it, can be masked somewhat its flavor, mixing half teaspoon of powder with your usual meal, a couple of times a day.

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