Shipments and Returns

Shipping conditions

There are three shipping options: courier 24/48 h., regular mail and certified mail (blue package). The cost will depend on the option chosen, weight and destination. Expenses will be known while adding products to basket. This price may vary if they are added or removed products from the basket, and can be changed by the customer to arrange the final order. At the end of this page you can see the different types of shipping and their corresponding cost.

If payment is made with credit/debit card, packages will be sent in 24/48 hours. If the payment is by bank transfer, shipment will be processed once your payment is received into the bank account indicated.

Return Policy

If you have any complaint regarding the product, please contact us previously, so that, if you want to make a return, we will give you the exact address of one of our two stores, and thus proceed immediately to the refund of the amount paid, without requesting any kind of justification.

If it's an incident with transport, please note that, although in Spain almost never there are problems with the ordinary mail, it is not guaranteed nor has any type of follow-up. If it is damaged or lost by the courier or registered mail, please notify us as soon as possible to proceed to the claim to the carrier.

Shipping costs (including packing)

Note: Please note that in each product page there are two weights: weight of product and total weight. For example, "Neem Oil 500 ml - total weight: 600 gr". These grams more correspond to packing, the software will calculate shipping costs automatically, since the carrier will charge for the weight of the complete package: weight oil further packaging, box stuffing we put in it, etc.


** Free shipping for orders over or equal to 100 euros **
Note: Valid for peninsular Spain.



- Correo Ordinario

Hasta 500 gr. - 3,5 €

- Mensajería (24-48 h.)

Hasta 2 Kg. - 7,75 €

Hasta 4 Kg. - 9 €

Hasta 6 Kg. - 9,75 €

Hasta 40 Kg. - 12 €


- Correo Ordinario

Hasta 500 gr. - 3,5 €

Hasta 2 Kg. - 7 €

- Mensajería (3 ó 4 días)

Hasta 6 Kg. - 12,75 €

Hasta 30 Kg. - 18 €

Nota: no olvide introducir su DNI

- Correo Ordinario

Hasta 500 gr. - 3,5 €

Hasta 2 Kg. - 7 €

- Paquete Azul de Correos (correo certificado)

Hasta 12 Kg. - 17,5 €

Hasta 24 Kg.(*) - 25 €

(*) more than 25 kg. you must do several orders

(We only ship to Europe)


Courier Exprés Hasta 40 Kg. - 12 €
(2-3 días)

- International Courier with tracking number (4-6 days)
(Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, UK)

Up to 6 Kg. - 18,75 €

Up to 30 Kg. - 23,75 €

- International Courier with tracking number (4-6 days)
(Bulgaria, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Monaco, Norway, Rumania, Slovenia, Sweden)

Up to 5 Kg. - 25,00 €

Up to 20 Kg. - 35,00 €

- Certified Mail with tracking number (10-12 days)
(If you need more kilograms, Email-Us)

Up to 500 gr. - 10 €

Up to 1 Kg. - 16,75 €

Up to 2 Kg. - 24 €