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Leaf neem tea + Stainless steel filter

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Bag with 200 gr. of dried and crushed neem leaves.
Yield: 60-70 cups of tea.

+ Strainer in stainless steel.

(Total weight: 350 gr.)




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Bag 200 gr. neem tea + Stainless strainer = 17.75 euros

(The filter costs 6.75 euros 3.25 euros)


Strainer: Neem tea is in powder, so it becomes necessary the use of a very fine filter which retains the dust inside. So this strainer is ideal but as it is so compact, the casting process can result a bit difficult. To solve this inconvenience, you can make a few holes in the mesh of the strainer with a pin, or even better with a safety pin, which is somewhat thicker.

Notice: Neem tea is extremely bitter, and to many people it is difficult to take it, so it can be replaced by neem capsules, which have the same ingredient and provide the same desired effect, besides they last more or less the same time (60 days, if consumed once per day).

New format: produced by Nature Neem ® (Tamil Nadu - India) for Productos de Neem ® (Pontevedra - España).

Top quality: to keep the about 300 medicinal elements that neem leaves provide, they follow a traditional method which takes about 25 days. First the leaves of the tree are separated by hand, avoiding falls to the ground, which may be in poor condition. Then, they are dried extended on a fabric shade, using a vacuum drying machine to extract all moisture. Finally, the leaves are crushed into granules to make tea format.

Neem leaves are a herbal ayurveda remedy from the India, used for purification and cleaning. Neem is antibiotic and purifier, immune stimulant. It strengthens the immune system, protecting against all kinds of diseases (including influenza). Antiparasitic that respects the intestinal flora. Hypolipidemic agent, i.e. it has the property of reducing lipid levels in the blood, contributing to the control of cholesterol. It reduces the discomfort of gastro-duodenal ulcer, regulating the PH, prevents flatulence, and provides light digestion.

In addition, it is extremely effective as a preventative and treatment of prostate problems; as well as articular requirements for all types of pain, such as arthritis or osteoarthritis of the toe of the foot.

During thousands of years of use, in traditional medicine, and during tens of years of recent scientific research has shown the usefulness and safety of consumption of fresh or dried neem leaves. However, consider that the neem oil has been used since antiquity as a natural contraceptive in the India. So, if you are or intend to become pregnant, you or your partner should not take neem leaves.

Due to some of its properties, similar to aspirin, consumption in children less than 14 years is not recommended, and in any case when they suffer a viral disease with fever processes.


Prepare it as you would with any other tea: put boiled water to the point of boiling in a cup. Add a teaspoonful well filled with tea in the strainer. Insert the strainer into the cup and let it sit for a few minutes. Remove the strainer with the remains. If desired, add honey, sugar or condensed milk to reduce the bitterness. You can also prepare a jar to have it several times a day in cold or hot. Rinse the strainer and wipe clean with a cloth for its longer life.

The strainer has a diameter of 12.5 cm. by its widest part, including the handle; It serves for any format of cup with a diameter not more than 12.5 cm.

Don't worry if you find remains of the powder of leaves in the tea, it is beneficial for the body. Hindus even use the powder of neem leaves as an ingredient in recipes.

Consume one or two times a day. Recommended a cup on an empty stomach before breakfast, or as breakfast with milk (or a couple of tablespoons of condensed milk), as a substitute for coffee with milk. Please note that neem tea is very bitter, so if you find its taste unpleasant, you can replace it with neem capsules.


The leaf powder can also be used to prepare a very effective cleaning mask. The antibacterial and healing properties of neem, cleans the skin of all impurities, leaving it smooth and radiant. Highly recommended for oily skin or acne.

Application: take 10 grams of neem powder, mix it with hot water to make a smooth paste, apply on the skin with the fingertips, avoiding the eye area, and leave to act for 5 minutes. Use one to three times per week.

Keep in cool and dry place.

Neem 200 gr. tea + stainless steel strainer. ....... 17.75 € (VAT incl.)