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Stainless steel tea strainer

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Stainless steel tea strainer.

(Total weight: 100 gr.)




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Bag 200 gr. neem tea + stainless strainer = 17.75 euros

(The filter costs 6.75 3.25 euros)


Note: Neem tea is in powder, so it becomes necessary the use of a very fine filter which retains the dust inside. So this strainer is ideal but as it is so compact, the casting process can result a bit difficult. To solve this inconvenience, you can make a few holes in the mesh of the strainer with a pin, or even better with a safety pin, which is somewhat thicker.

Made of stainless steel, which prolongs its durability. The measure by its widest is 12.5 cm., including the handle, so it fits any cup format, provided that its diameter is not superior to 12.5 cm., since the strainer can be resting in the cup, leaning on its handle.

It is very useful not only for the neem tea, but also for any other type of infusion. It is well known that the tea and chamomile packed in bulk, in tightly closed bags, are fresher and more aromatic than the packaged in single-dose sachets; as well as being more economical.


Place boiled water to the point of boiling in a cup. Add a teaspoonful well filled with tea in the strainer. Insert the strainer into the cup and let it sit for a few minutes. Remove the strainer with the remains. If desired, add honey, sugar or condensed milk to sweeten. Rinse the strainer and wipe clean with a cloth for its longer life.

Stainless Steel Strainer ....... 6.75 € (VAT incl.)