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Potassium Soap + Wetting

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Liquid Potassium soap, crafting, plus Wetting. 100% natural. 500 ml bottle.

(Total weight: 590 gr.)



Potassium soap is obtained with traditional methods from olive oil. The wetting agent is a non-toxic product that enhances the ability of dissolution of potassium soap, to facilitate mixing with neem oil; In addition, it increases the adhesion of the product on the leaf surface of plants for longer.

Both potassium soap and the wetting, lack security term. The blend of these products with neem oil, allows easy application by spraying. Preventive and curative, it does not harm the flower or fruit. It is recommended for use on vegetables, fruit trees and ornamental plants.

Insecticide: contact against whiteflies, spider red, thrips, mealybugs and aphids.

Wetting: for its mix with plant protection or neem oil, since it enhances its activity. Potassium soap is especially effective against insects; the wetting agent promotes the solubility and adhesion; neem is an excellent fungicide against all kinds of fungi, including powdery mildew, downy mildew, mottled black, botrytis or gray rot, anthracnose, rust, leaf spot (leaf spot), phylloxera and alternaria.

Cleaning: plants stained by bold and molasses generated by aphids, mealybugs, etc…

This product leaves no residue, and it has no term of security. Not negatively influences on soil, air, groundwater, plants or animals, does not harm the environment and decompose rapidly into carbonates. It can be used as many times as you want. It does not harm the waxy leaf coating although applied several times. It does not burn leaves, and does not cause foam. It is preventive and curative.

Its use is recommended every 10-15 days, with or without manifested problem. It is advisable to wet the entire surface of the plants (branches and trunks including) well.

How to use:

. Shake container well before use.
. As insecticide: 3-5 cc/liter. 300-500 cc/Hl
. As a wetting agent and enhancer of neem oil: 3-5 cc/liter. 300-500 cc/Hl
. As a cleaner: 10 cc/liter. 1liter/Hl

On very sensitive plants such as Dutch cucumber you should reduce the dose a little.


- It is compatible with fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers in general.
- It is not recommended to mix with solutions of pH < 7 or cationic compounds with sulfur.
- Do not put in contact with ultraviolet light or temperatures higher than 38ºC.

COMPOSITION: Potassium soap 90% + Wetting agent 10%
PRESENTATION: 500 ml bottle.

Bottle of 500 ml. Potassium Soap + Wetting ....... 9.25 € (VAT incl.)